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B I L L I A R D   E Q U I P M E N T

Equipment: Regardless of your skill level in the game of pool, you can eliminate many errors and missed shots just by following a few simple guidelines. Always keep your equipment in top condition for optimum play. Keep you cue shaft(s) clean. Your concentration should never be broken because you are worrying about how smoothly the shaft slides through your hand bridge. Routine maintenance of your cues should be at least a weekly ritual. Use alcohol on a clean cloth to remove dirt and grime. You may also want to lightly sand your cue with a synthetic sheet or 600 grain sandpaper. Use these papers sparingly though and lean towards the thorough cleanings. It is also important to wash your hands and dry them thoroughly.

Pool Cue Tip from Charlie Jones Gulfwebs.comThe tip of the cue should be well maintained. I recommend a leather tip at least 3/32 of an inch thick. If it gets any thinner then think seriously about replacing it. The edges of the tip should be even with the ferrule of the cue. Don't let it mushroom out. This can be avoided by using a secondary cue for break shots. I suggest a jump break cue, which serves three purposes. You preserve the life of your primary cue's tip by breaking with the jump break cue. You have a specialty cue for jump shots if you have reached that skill level. Lastly, you have a back up cue if you damage your primary during leagues or tournaments.

The hand bridge is the hand you use to hold the small end of the cue. Keep your hands clean at all times and even consider wearing a specially designed glove for your hand bridge. The hand you use for your hand bridge should always be clean or gloved to allow the shaft to pass through or over easily. Use whatever handbridge you prefer, open or closed but always keep the butt of your hand firmly on the table.